Kolonia Henryków


single-family houses


138,00 m² + 16,80 garage

Additional benefits

Garden and parking space included in the price

The main advantage of the investment at Podróżnicza Street in Białołęka is the proximity to the infrastructure and the center of Warsaw, as well as the peace and quiet of the surrounding greenery. The modern shape of the building allows you to perfectly adapt and use the interior to your needs.


The decoration of every interior is natural light. Thanks to the glazing used in our houses, the appropriate amount of sunlight reaches the interior. The materials used for finishing are of the highest quality and everything is built in accordance with the highest standards. We have made sure that the segments meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.


The price includes a fully functional attic. The houses have fully functional attics, a garage, one parking space and a garden. All this so that, in line with the Modernbau motto, you will feel the new quality of your own apartment.


The “Kolonia Henryków” investment is an ideal combination of the convenience of Warsaw’s infrastructure and the tranquility of the neighborhood. Just a few minutes from the house are schools, kindergartens and Galeria Północna. Greenery, light, glass and modernity characterize our project.

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