Willa Na Skarpie


multi-family housing – apartment building


Warsaw ul. Zabłocińska 7

The unique character of “Willa Na Skarpie” is due to its reference to the tradition of modernism of the 1920s and 1930s. A special point of reference here is the work of the outstanding German architectural team BAUHAUS.

Curved glass balustrades

The hallmark of the villa is its unique shape, interspersed with long, elegant balconies and topped with glass balustrades.

The entrance to the building is lined with granite slabs

To emphasize the originality, the stone slabs were arranged vertically, introducing an artistic element that, combined with LED lighting, gives an amazing effect.

Elegant staircase

The staircase is worth attention. Fully glazed and lined with Spanish marble, it emphasizes the elegant character of the building.


Willa Na Skarpie is located on Zabłocińska 7 street.

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