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We are a boutique property developer – a group of passionate people who have been dealing with various areas of the real estate – design, construction, sale process for many years. We cooperate with specialized subcontracting companies to create unique investments.


Always create functional and stylish properties – for clients with different needs and budgets.


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120 mln

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Mateusz Mikołajczyk


Co-founder of Modernbau. I have many years of experience working in the public and private sectors. At Modernbau I am responsible for a number of investment and development projects. They say that I am an oasis of peace. In my free time I like cycling and spending time with my family.

Wojciech Rakowski


I am the co-founder of Modernbau. Mateusz and I have known each other since our studies and decided to start a company together. Before that, I managed projects in companies from the telecommunications and FMCG sectors. Now I am responsible for the technical aspects and implementation of the construction process.

Michał Zabielewicz

Sales Director

I am on the frontline for contact. I am responsible for overall customer service, product presentation and sales. I have many years of experience and success in trading in the real estate industry. In my free time I like ro play football and boxing. I am a beginner stock market investor

Dawid Spiralski

Project manager

How to say it… I am responsible for the construction process. The guy who supervises people on the construction site and makes sure everything is done according to plan is me. Smiling and hard-working by nature. I have a dog and I like to go for long walks with him, and in my free time I play board games and try to read a lot of books.

ModernBau is an investor and developer on the real estate market. We develop properties and manage full project cycle, starting from acquiring land, organizing financing through the construction process to commercialization. We offer luxurious flats and apartments in Warsaw.

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